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LIBRARY (English Language)

to those interested in research or study materials -- Please note that most materials are reproduced as images of
    original volumes to insure their conformance to original wording.  Deliberate and/or unintended error now has millions
    of  people finding and embracing the counterfeit i.e.the 'capstone' in their NIV instead of the true 'cornerstone' of scripture.
    See Acts 4:11, Psalms 118:22,  and the gospels that make reference to the stone that was set at the head of the corner.


   King James Bible by the American Bible Society (1857) Old Testament  Part A ( Genesis to 1st Chronicles )
   King James Bible by the American Bible Society (1857) Old Testament  Part B ( 2nd Chronicles to Malachi )
   King James Bible by the American Bible Society (1857) New Testament

   King James Study Bible from Funk & Wagnalls publisher (1918) Old Testament
King James Study Bible from Funk & Wagnalls publisher (1918) New Testament
King James Study Bible from Funk & Wagnalls publisher (1918) Comprehensive Helps
   King James Study Bible from Funk & Wagnalls publisher (1918) Scripture Atlas

   Strong's Concordance (1903) in 7 parts..
                                         part 1 - Main Concordance from letter 'A'
                                         part 2 - Main Concordance from letter 'G'
                                         part 3 - Main Concordance from letter 'Q'
                                         part 4 - Appendix
                                         part 5 - Hebrew Lexicon
                                         part 6 - Greek Lexicon
                                         part 7 - Comprehensive Concordance

   Reverse Strong's Lookup Tool for the King James Version of the Bible. (OT & NT) (2006)
   Reverse Strong's Lookup Tool for the King James Version of the New Testament (2006)
   Geneva Bible Prayers - over 400 year old Christianity

   Bible Manners and Customs  -  Edward A. Marshall (1934)
   How the Church Came Down Through the Centuries  -  Karl G. Sabiers (1946)
   The Coming World Church  -  Edward Fehr (1944)
   The Jehova Witness Delusion  -  Harold Kaufmann (no date)
   Can God Inspire A Book  -  G. W. McPherson (1918)
   The Modern Conflict Over the Bible Volume II  -   G. W. McPherson (1919)
   The Crisis In Church And College  -  G. W. McPherson (1919)
   Mormonism: The Islam of America  -  Bruce Kinney  (1912)
   The Story of the New Testament   -  Edgar J. Goodspeed (1916)
   Are We Casting Our Palms Before Swine?  -  Roy L. Smith (no date)
   Prophecy and Prophets In Their Historical Relations  -  Frederick Carl Eiselen (1909)
   Is Rome the True Church  -  S. E. Anderson (1958)
   HEAVEN? The Bottom Line (tract)  -  The Only Hope, Inc. (no date - recent)
   The Trial of Jesus  -  Harold Francis Branch (1924)
   Two Sermons ( God's Ability and The Blood of Jesus )  -  Bud Robinson (no date)
   What Every Christian Needs to Know  -  Howard W. Pope (1904)
   Messiah In Both Testaments  -  Fred John Meldau (1967 not copyrighted)
   Is Romanism  In The Bible?  -  Stephen L. Testa (no date)
   Prayer Warfare  -  (no date)
   Hijack Of The Christian Church  -  (no copyright - Bro. Anonymous)
   World Reconstruction And Permanent Peace  -  Kly  (no copyright)
   Explanation Of Luther's Small Catechism  -  Sverdrup (no copyright claims)
   The Christian At War  -  DeHaan  (no copyright claims 1942)
   The Bible's Doctrines Concerning God  -  Gauss (no copyright claims 1945)
   How To Know The Bible  -  George Hodges (1918)

Other Books

     Patriot's Manual  -  Jesse Hopkins  (1828)

CAMPING BOOKS - ( into the wilderness.. no payments and no rent. )

    Camping And Woodcraft Volume 1 - Kephart (1916)
    Camping And Woodcraft Volume 2 - Kephart (1916)
    Boy Scout Hike Book 1920
    How To Camp Out 1877
    Trail Craft 1922
    Camp Craft Modern Practice And Equipment 1915
    At Home In The Wilderness 1867
    Out Of Doors 1915
    Woodcraft And Camping 1920  Nessmuk
    Woodcraft  Sears
    WaysOfWoodFolk1899  Long
    pelton UWSG1 General Survival
    pelton UWSG3 Edible Plants
    SelfReliance  Ralph Waldo Emerson
    FM21_76 Survival Field Manual  (black and white)
    FM21_76 Survival Manual (color)
    Field Water Supply 1961
    unicef_Water Handbook  unicef
    Water Purification For The Country Home  1922
    Equipage And Supplies  ms
    Living Off The Country  ms
    Pack Mules And Packing  ms
    The Camp  ms
    The Mess  ms
    Trails And Signs  ms
    Useful Information For Post And Field  ms
    Skirmishing  ms
    The Rifle  ms


    Survival Wilderness Medicine Course USMC
    Medical And Surgical Hints (animal) ms
    US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook
    FM2111 First Aid Manual
    FM33 Contamination Manual

( remember Daniel's example not to eat the king's food.)  
    Food And Cookery  1915
    Uncooked Foods  Christian  1924
    Home Canning And Drying  1914
    Corn Among The Indians Of The Upper Missouri  1917
    Use Of Maize Among Wisconsin Indians  1898

    ( much healthier food that does not require you to 'buy or sell' )

    Cultivation Of Allotments  1917
    Feet In Garden  1884
    Gardens For Young And Old
    Garden Steps  1917
    Grow Your Own Vegetables  1918
    Book Of Vegetables And Herbs  1907
    Manual Of Vegetable Plants  1878
    Useful Wild Plants  1920
    Home Vegetable Gardening A To Z  1918
    How The World Is Fed  1907
    Natural History Of The Farm  1916
    How To Make Fertilizer_vita
    Basic Soil Improvement_vita
    Manures And Their Application  1884

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LIBRARY (Spanish Language)
    Doctrina Biblica En Tiempos De Apostasia  -  Fernando Calvimonte Ledezma (1998)



Biblical Wheat


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